Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Bath white walked me through

This Friday we went to countryside in east of Tehran. there was a dam nearby, people were fishing for leisure and weather was perfect.
It was around 10:30 in the morning and I hadn't found a butterfly when suddenly this shy Bath white emerged from nowhere:

Bath white

I got excited and followed it with a distance about 5 to 6 m apart to help it to settle down and be calm a little. Nevertheless it just keep running and by that lead me to a grassless area near the lake where ground was covered with nothing but this tiny little dandelions (I'm not quite sure they are dandelion but guess they are):

Bare earth covered only by dandelions

After Bath white, I came across these two fritillaries:

Mediterranean fritillary
Queen of spain fritillary

then Hermits showed up and posed for camera:


and then I saw a clouded yellow, I followed it and came across these tiny pair of Common blue and a bunch of Small whites:

Clouded yellow

Common blue (male)
Common blue (female)
Small white
And then this hummingbird moth (which I couldn't catch a proper photo of it and don't know even its genus) quickly came, ate and went:

Hummingbird moth

and the last catch of my trip was these two dragonflies and the Wall butterfly:

dragonfly 1

dragonfly 2
the Wall

Some of my friends birding records are Rock bunting, Pied wheatear, white-winged Grossbeak, Black-throated thrush (loads of them), Chukar (loads of them), Kestrel and Pallid harrier. I will link their ebird checklist here, soon.

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