Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I said Sesame and it opened up

My forth butterflywatching trip happened in July (this July). It located in a valley, a very dry one and it was loaded with butterflies of family Numphalidae.
I went there with my two birder friends (again), they went about their business and I drowned myself in butterflies. 
there was no bird in this valley, not a single one (OK, less than 4 individual not even species, included a Kestrel) but lack of birds had made a heaven for insects and so butterflies. they were hanging here and there, singing and openning bottle after bottle of Champagne.

Large tortoiseshell

always present Painted Lady
Brown argus
Black veined white

Brenthis mofidii
Gerhard's Black hairstreak
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Loew's blue
Queen of Spain fritillary
 Niobe fritillary
Coenonympha saadi
there was at least 4 type of fritillary, Small copper, Balkan marbled white, bath white, hermit and others which I didn't put here cause my internet is like a snail.

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