Tuesday, 4 October 2016

among fluttering beauties I'll always choose you

Now I want to picture one of my favorite hiking trek which is located in west of Iran.
I went there twice, both in the end of May which is with its sister June, the most beautiful months in Iran. In this two months we don't know where to go and we are crazy to just go anywhere but for two years in a row we ended up going to this same trek, Arasbaran.

start to climb up

our camp

a view of our camp

the best piece of trek

near our overnight camp
a very nice trek in jungle (start to decrease height gradually)
now a look at butterflies which I saw in this trek:

Hungarian Glider
Balkan Marbled white

Meadow brown (female)

Orange tip
Small tortoiseshell
and this two moths:

Amata nigricornis
a moth from Geometridae family
when I saw the white moth which I put it in start of this post, I was so excited (as usual) and thought it is the most beautiful moth in the world (I still think about it in that way like a mother).

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