Friday, 21 October 2016

Alamut tries to smash us every time and it succeeds every time

We are obsessed with Alamut. By we, I mean our small hiking group and by Alamut, I refer to an area in central Elborz, what is Elborz for God's sake? Elborz is a mountain range in north of Iran, one of our two principle mountain ranges.
In fact, it's not our obsession, it's one of my friend's. He is crazy about this area and forces us to come with him, why forces us? because every trek in this area is a loooong long trek which makes you crazy, it seems it never ends. By this trek we cut Elborz, we start from one side and crawl to another side, exhausted.
I've gone there five times, he has gone there seven times and each time this crazy man took a different trek to cut Elborz and so he has got lost there seven times, from little harmless getting lost to completely getting lost include starving and loosing hope, crying and all.
I haven't pictured its flora, butterflies and insects because until this spring I wasn't interested in them but next summer I will, so wait for me Alamut.

our start from northern side of Elborz

we elevated gradually

our elusive goal was to get to top of this 

when I topped it I felt relieved but when I looked at the village far down I got depressed

we kept descending and the village did the same, too

finally we faced it but it was still too far away

and at last it smiled to us

when we arrived here we sank and rested for ever

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